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Film Production Segment
On the Screen
The Film Production segment is a multi-faceted film production and distribution company, which New Frontier Media, Inc. acquired in February 2006 to expand its portfolio to the rapidly growing and higher margin market for less explicit erotic content. This acquisition also provides established relationships in international markets.

The Film Production segment derives its revenue from two principal businesses:
* The production and distribution of original motion pictures and TV events.
* The licensing of independent films in international markets under the Lightning Entertainment and Mainline Releasing labels.

MRG Entertainment
New Frontier Media's MRG Entertainment group produces original motion pictures that are distributed in the U.S. on premium movie channels, such as Cinemax and Showtime and internationally on similar services. MRG Entertainment also develops and produces original motion picture and event programming that is widely distributed on satellite and cable pay-per-view.

Lightning Entertainment
Lightning Entertainment group represents the work of a full range of independent film producers in domestic and international markets.